How to prevent proteolytic degradation

Alejandro Miguel Martin Dunn alejandro.martin at
Thu Nov 9 22:10:43 EST 2000

>Choe Woo-seok wrote:
>> When the IB protein is dissolved in 50 mM Tris, 50 mM DTT, 
>8M Urea, pH 8.0,
>> the proteolytic
>> degradation of target protein (Mw = 65 kd, with 6xHis tag) 
>started.  We
>> Is there anybody who has experienced the similar problem and 
>sorted it out
>> finally?
I remember a colleague of mine having exactly that problem (the protein
starts degrading as soon as it is solubilized in urea). As far as my
memory goes, she solved the problem using a different chaotrope (I think
it was GuHCl).
I'll ask her tomorrow and let you know if anything new comes out.


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