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> I believe the N3 is the 3M KOAc and the PB is similar to PE with a higher
> salt conc. 

N3 is probably lower than 3M KOac as I know one can get away with a lot 
less.  Might be as low as 300 mM. PE will be (probably) Tris-buffered 
KOAc (agh, don't quite me on that (-: - the concentration is reasonably 
low, anyway, about 50 mM final ISTR - oh and some EDTA, probably).

PB is about 4M GnHCL/50% isopropanol (sniff it).  This is all published 
- but might take some finding.

> Wont the Qiagen people let us know the recipe, since we
> invariably run out of the solns before using up all the columns?

We usually run out of columns first . . . .  well, the mini-prep spin 
columns anyway, we don't use the maxi/midi prep gear.



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