Cre/lox and hyphal fungi questioin

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Fri Nov 10 06:34:58 EST 2000

Dirk Müller <d.mueller at> wrote:
: i wonder if someone has ever tested to use the cre/lox system in hyphal
: fungi especially in the genus Aspergillus. For homologous transformation in
: Aspergillus one needs a real large homolog sequence stretch so i wonder if
: it makes sense and is possible to use cre/lox???

Well it's been done in the rice blast fungus Magnaporthe grisea.  My
guess is that Aspergillus would also work.  See

1. Choi, S., Begum, D., Koshinsky, H., Ow, D. W. and Wing, R. A. (2000)
   `A new approach for the identification and cloning of genes:  the
   pBACwich system using Cre/lox site-specific recombination.' Nucleic
   Acids Res., 28, e19.

(Medline 10710436)

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