DEPC treatment of ethanol

Rogier rogier666 at
Mon Nov 13 09:22:50 EST 2000

> So when I make buffer I do not have to DEPC treat it as long as I use
> water?

Yeah, you gotta DEPC everything. That's why most RNA people use HEPES
instead of Tris (HEPES can be DEPCed, Tris not). DEPC reacts with
amines, so anything that contains amines (Tris, EDTA) can not be DEPCed.
No need to DEPC ethanol, since RNases are not soluble in pure alcohol.
If you're really paranoid, you can spin big tubes of ethanol to make
sure any RNase in there is removed.
(as you know, even denatured RNases can be revived when mixed with
water. you can extract active RNase A from the white interphase you get
in phenol extractions...)
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