Sequence Analysis using Web Resources (SeWeR) ver 2.5

Malay curiouser at
Mon Nov 13 09:38:30 EST 2000

Dear Netters:

SeWeR has at last come out of its "babytalk" and started crawling. A new
section of customization has been added. You can incorporate a new service
seamlessly is SeWeR. It is now a complete leisez faire, a  consumer driven
(I mean user driven) software :-)

It is at your mercy now. For the user, by the user and more or less is the

For those who joined us late, SeWeR is a DHTML interface for web based
sequence analysis with unprecedented customizability and flexibility. It can
run both as a web page as well as a stand-alone software within your

SeWeR is now mirrored in around 10 different places all over the world
including a Chinese version.

Web version of SeWeR can be accessed at-

You can download SeWeR from-

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