Converting micrograms to moles for IgG

Rich Miller richmiller at
Mon Nov 13 16:26:52 EST 2000

No, 1 mole is about 150,000 grams.

Rich Miller

clarosa wrote:

> yes 1 mole is about 150 kDA..given that the size is an estimate.
> Student wrote:
> > This may sound a very silly question to many of you. Whilst I know how to
> > convert mass to moles for small molecules, I have never done it for large
> > proteins. For an IgG1 molecule, I know the size is approximately 150kDa.
> > Does this mean that 1 mole = 150,000grams? (It would be rather tedious to
> > add up all the molecular weights of the amino acids to get the molar mass!)
> >
> > Thanks, and excuse my ignorance!

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