DEPC treatment of ethanol

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Tue Nov 14 06:35:27 EST 2000

What happens when you try to DEPC treat amine-containing solutions fx. TRIS?

""Michael L. Sullivan"" <mlsulliv at> wrote in message
> >NO
> >Same as you dont DEPC treat other solutions you make up eg EDTA
> > use DEPC treated water only as it breaks specific chemical
> >bonds ie heat treatment of some chemical solutions for use inn RNA
> >purification.
> >
> DEPC CAN be used to treat some solutions, just not those made with
> amine-containing compounds, like TRIS.  However, LiCl, NaOAc solutions and
> the like can be DEPC treated, although such precautions are often not
> needed if care is taken, even for water.  As for the specific question
> regarding treatment of EtOH-- just use an unopened bottle and use
> DEPC-treated (or other RNAse free source) water to make the 70%.
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