peptide biotinylation question

H.V.Taylor harold.taylor.delete-this at
Tue Nov 14 07:13:23 EST 2000

"Student" <mucineer at> wrote:

>I need to biotinylate two 10-amino acid peptides with NHS-X-Biotin. My
>problem is this: how can I effectively remove all the unreacted free biotin
>ester after the biotinylation reaction? I can't use the normal desalting
>methods because the biotinylated peptide is still too small.

Dear Student,

for starters, I'd recommend looking into a text book on peptide
purification. That will give you a few methods which you should then
look up in a methods book, e.g. "Protein Purification Methods" from
IRL Press. You'll learn more from doing it this way than by me telling
you to use method "xyz".

Hope this helps,

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