Converting micrograms to moles for IgG

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Tue Nov 14 10:02:11 EST 2000

Freshman Chemistry:

Both the dalton and the gram are units of mass.  The dalton is defined as
1/12 the mass of a C-12 atom.  A mole of molecules will have the gram mass
of it's molecular weight in daltons.  So, one IgG molecule has a mass of
about 150 kdaltons, and a mole of IgG molecules has a mass of about 150 kg.


>The dalton is a mass unit : your IgG will be 150 kDA on earth and on the
>moon, whilst it will weight much less than 150 kg on the moon
>In article
><8ur6ug$4nb$1 at> "Student" <mucineer at>
>writes:>From: "Student" <mucineer at>>Subject: Re: Converting
>micrograms to moles for IgG>Date: Tue, 14 Nov 2000 11:16:41 -0000
>>I thought 150kDa means approximately 150,000grams?
>>I am confused. So can someone confirm this is right:


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