Digital Camera Systems/Agarose DNA Gels

Deanne Bell dbell at
Tue Nov 14 14:38:23 EST 2000

We use a set up by Alpha Innotech, we do silver staining and EtBr staining.
 The camera wasn't good enough to capture images of 2-D protein
electrophoresis, but it is great for all of the DNA and other protein
stains we do. The software does a lot of useful stuff too(I use spot
densitometry to quantify DNA in my preps)
Alpha Innotech Corporation  in San Leandro, CA, USA  call (800) 823-0404 or
fax 510 483 3227
> From: Mark P. <user at>
> To: methods at
> Subject: Digital Camera Systems/Agarose DNA Gels
> Date: Tuesday, November 14, 2000 2:16 AM
> Can anyone recommend a digital camera system for the documentation of
> stained DNA agarose gels? The UVP and Syngene products look good on
> but there are many other systems on the market. How to decide?
> Many thanks,
> Mark Pickett
> University of Southampton


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