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Hi there, 

do you want to get paid for surfing the web? Then do so. Just join
AllAdvantage, an Internet infomediary, download their Viewbar software,
and surf. That's it. The Viewbar is actually a really useful tool that
helps you find what you want on the Web and gives you access to great deals.
For every three minutes you surf with the Viewbar you earn an entry into the
Sweeps (up to ten entries a day). From time to time, AllAdvantage may offer
other ways to earn entries, such as clicking on a designated link. The Grand
Prize is half the Jackpot -- and the Jackpot is at LEAST $50,000 every day!
Better yet, you can win 10% of the Jackpot if ANY one of your referrals wins
(direct and extended referrals -- up to 5 levels). The more friends you
refer, the more chances you have to win a Referrer Prize. That's why I'm
writing to you (hint, hint). 

Just use this link:
If you have any questions, let me know. 

  Take care              

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