96-well pcr sealing

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We use an MJ research machine (I believe this is called MWG nowadays). For
96 well plates, I tape the wells with Scotch-tape , the machine comes with
a special metal plate for 96 well plates which goes on top used with the
heated lid.
I agree with Tim, try mineral oil.

Maybe the heated lid isn't quiet as good on the outsice wells?

Hope this helps at all, Ina

Guo-Yun Yu wrote:

> Hi,
> I am doing a whole genome scan for a disease locus.  One technical
> problem need your help.  The problem is that we have a Hybaid PCR
> express thermal  cycler, the machine is fine except with 96-well
> plates.  When using 96-well plates, most of the reactions (10 ul) in the
> wells along the outside edge of the plate do not work due to
> evaporation.
> I have tried tape, sealing mate, non of them work.  I am sure you have
> use 96-well PCR.  Could you tell me what kind of machine, plate sealing
> method you used.  What could be my problem?
> Thanks!
> Guo-yun yu
> gyy at tc.umn.edu

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