Cyclone Phosphoimager systems (radioactive work only)

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Fri Nov 17 07:55:40 EST 2000

If you don't need the huge sequencing gel size of the MD,  the Cyclone from 
Canberra Packard in Mississauga is a personal size and budget priced high 
resolution phosphorimager.  It just does radioactives, so you can separate 
your rad work from your chemiluminescence--Canberra sells a combination 
system if you want that.  Because of its high resolution, you can use the 
Novex precast sequencing gels and get a couple of hundred basepair separation 
faster than you can on MD or FX.

They'll demo it, I'm sure.  For details, I think the web site is to search for cyclone imager if 
this address doesn't work.

Walt Schick

PS:  I haven't used one myself, but just passing on hearsay from other users.

> Subj: Phosphoimager systems (radioactive work only)
> Date: 11/16/00 12:37:14 PM Pacific Standard Time
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> I am looking into phosphoimager systems and want to know if anyone has
> any recommendations. We are lookingthe the BioRad and Molecular Dynamics
> systems.
> Thanks,
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