Peptide concentration assay

Mark Bowen mbo at
Fri Nov 17 04:52:01 EST 2000

There are several methods, many with commercially available reagents, for
colorimetrically determining protein concentrations.  look into BCA assay,
Bradford, Amido black.  Bio-Rad carries reagents of these types.  Molecular
probes  also makes a fluorescent detection reagent which they claim has good
sensitivity and is not as affected by reaction conditions.

Andrew Johnston wrote:

> I´m looking for a simple way of measuring the peptide concentration of a
> solution. The solution contains  a micro- to millimolar concentrations
> of a 8, 9 or 10-mer peptide. These peptides do not contain Trp or Tyr,
> therefore diluting in 6M guanidine and measuring th OD at 280 nm will
> not work. Is there an alternative to HPLC ?
> Regards,
> Andy Johnston.
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