96-well pcr sealing

Paul Shinn pshinn at mail1.sas.upenn.edu
Mon Nov 20 18:30:43 EST 2000

: I have tried tape, sealing mate, non of them work.  I am sure you have
: use 96-well PCR.  Could you tell me what kind of machine, plate sealing
: method you used.  What could be my problem?

   I've been using the same rubber sealing mats from Perkin-Elmer for 
over 3 years.  The smooth rounded side goes down into the plate and the 
pointy side sticks up against the bottom of the lid.  There isn't a part 
number on them but when you order a pack of PCR strip tubes from PE, you 
get one of these mats as well as two strip tube trays.  I mainly use 
them for cycle sequencing (but I'm doing that in 384 now with PE sealing 
tape) but on occassion I will do 96 PCR reactions.  I usually don't wash 
the mats after cycle sequencing but for PCR, I'll rinse them in a light 
bleach solution followed by 70% and then let them dry.  These mats have 
been the best sealers for me so far.
   The mat+96well plate fit into 96well MJs and PE 9700s with the heated 
lid on.  No problems yet.


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