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Mon Nov 20 22:01:32 EST 2000

We have been using dye terminator cycle sequencing and getting poor
results.  The sequence contains a lot of N's.

The template is a PCR amplicon (shows only a single band on agarose)
purified using a Wizard cleanup column (Promega).  Sometimes we use
glassmilk instead.

The sequencing reaction uses approx 200ng template.  When we measured
concentration by fluoresence (Hoefer dye)  the concentration was lower than
expected.  From electrophoresis band intensity we know it contains at least

The sequencing reactions were cleaned up by ethanol precipitation.  We have
been really careful with the precipitation protocol to ensure that the
unincorporated dye terminators do not precipitate out.

However the final result shows too many mistakes, too many N's in the

Is there anything obvious that I'm missing, or has anybody else had similar


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