random mutagenesis

Daniel Schumacher schumach at mail.uni-greifswald.de
Tue Nov 21 02:15:49 EST 2000

I hope somebody can help me. I´m looking for a method /protocol to introduce
mutations randomly in a BAC-Vector.
I already looked for chemicals that I could just add to the media, which I
thought would be the easiest way, but wasnt lucky in finding some method.
Also I thought of uv-light ? By the way the bacteria i use are E.coli.
Most of the methods I found were using random PCR, which is OK if you only
have some kb but not with 180 kb.
So if anybody could give me a hint of what chemical to use and how I would
be very happy!
I also heard about mutator-strains which can be used for this kind of thing.
Does anybody know about them?#



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