Soluble expression

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Tue Nov 21 17:35:24 EST 2000

Have you included a pelB signal before the antibody-encoding DNA to direct
any translated protein to the periplasm? In addition to this, inducing E
coli at lower temperatures may sometimes help. The reason I said "sometimes"
is because whether soluble protein or inclusion bodies are produced is very
sequence-dependent and varies from one antibody to another.

If you are making variable region fragments, have a look at APBiotech's
recombinant phage antibody system. We have used them and, although the
yields are low, soluble antibody fragments are detected at the supernatant
and the periplasmic extract. It contains everything you need from gene
construction to protein expression.

Hope this helps.


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> Does anyone know of any conditions for expressing soluble antibody
> in E. coli? All my attempts so far have produced either inclusion bodies
> nothing at all.
> Thanks
> Rick
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