Calculate to Nuecleic Acid on BeckMan DU-64

Deanne Bell dbell at
Wed Nov 22 12:52:29 EST 2000

Hi all
I agree with Dr Duncan Clark's response.
You can also quantify your DNA on the agarose gel (I usually use 0.8% -
1.2% agarose to check genomic DNA quality).  Bio-Rad sells a set of
molecular Mass standards (fragments are 100ng, 75ng, 50ng 20ng & 10ng). 
Using a visualization system that allows you to do spot densitometry, you
can quantify your DNA against the regression of the standards.

Dee Bell
> Dear sir,
>   How do we calculate the nuecleic acid (as the same we read on DU-64,
> program 10, with the background correcting at A320)  from A260, A280 and
> A320 value.
>   I tried to use the Warburg equation, NuecleicAcid = 62.9xA260-36.0xA280
> by direct taking the A260 and A280 but It is a big difference from
> Nuecleic acid readed from DU-64. And already tried to use the equation,
> [62.9x(A260-A320)]-[36.0x(A280-A320)], but some still have big
>   Would you mind telling me How the DU-64 calculate the NuecleicAcid or
> How we calculate the Nuecleic Acid.
>   Thank you very much for any comments.
> Regards,
> Monthop Champaruang.
> P.S. sorry about my english.
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