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Fri Nov 24 08:02:21 EST 2000

Hm. I wouldn't suspect the PEG to be the cause. PEG should be 
chemically inert; a positive control experiment (add say 1% PEG to a 
sample of AA) should clearify all. 
Check if there is too much oxygen in your water catching the starter 
radicals; you might flush it with nitrogen or argon.
And check if your AA is ok: try to polymerize some ml of undiluted 
substance. Be careful; it might get hot.


> From:          Michael Witty <mw132 at>
> Subject:       PEG
> Date:          Fri, 24 Nov 2000 11:21:17 +0000
> Organization:  University of Cambridge, England
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> I have had the misfortune of having my PAGE gels go bad, presumably
> due to a new water supply which we think is contaminated with PEG
> BUT, PEG has no charge (does it?) so how does it make my gels go
> bad? Mike.
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