HELP me.. rearing squirrels

R. Jayakumar jakku at
Sat Nov 25 08:55:45 EST 2000

   I know this is not a place to ask this question.. But this is a life or
death matter for a tiny member of the marsupial race.
    I need some rearing advice very quickly.  I just happened to become the
unexpected owner of an indian palm squirrel baby.   The baby is still quite
young and its eyes are closed, but it is old enough to have some fur and the
typical strips running along the length of the body.  I don't know its name
or its family.  I think you can help me in it.    Can you please advice me
on how to rear it using the commonly available materials like cow's milk,
cotton, cloth etc.  and an easy way on how to feed it.  I am living in a
place which does not have much facilities to rear pets.
   thank you


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