isolating 197bp fragment

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Sun Nov 26 17:15:08 EST 2000

i had very good luck with the agarose gel purification kit from qiagen (no
it includes a step for isolation small or large fragments, to add
isopropanol to increase yield.  It even worked well with 4% agarose gel (low
melting).  The same kit also gave good yields on a 12 kb piece of dsDNA too,
where other methods and kits failed.

hope this helps


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> I need to isolate a 197bp dsDNA fragment in sufficient quantities for
> making a radioactive probe. I have the fragment subcloned in a plasmid
> and can easily isolate it from the plasmid with an EcoR I digest.
> Most kits for gel purifying dsDNA seem to have a cut-off at around
> 200bp. I'm wondering if anyone has some tips on how to best proceed
> with isolating this fragment?
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