platelet granules marker protein

Dima Klenchin klenchin at
Mon Nov 27 09:34:46 EST 2000

behrends at wrote:
:Dear netters, 
:we do biochemical fractionation of human platelets
:to seperate plasma membrane from intracellular 
:granules. We would need a good antibody for a protein
:that is expressed in platelet granules to characterize
:our fractions that we get over a sucrose gradient. 
:So far we have found CD63 and a polyclonal and a mono-
:clonal antibody is available from Santa Cruz. But there
:are as yet no publications with Western blots and we 
:do not know whether CD63 expression in human platelets
:granules is high enough to be detected by these antibodies. 
:I imagine that there should be other proteins in the 
:membrane of human platelet granules that are better 
:characterized and where antibodies are procurable for 
:Western blot. 

Platelets secrete hexosaminidase and platelet factor 4
through granule exocytosis. There should be Ab for both
available. Additionally, it is said that Rab6 localizes almost
exclusively to platelet dense core granules. Anti Rab6
are available for sure. 

        - Dima

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