Deanne Bell dbell at
Mon Nov 27 11:41:58 EST 2000

I don't know anything about PEG contamination, but I do know that PAGE gels
can also go bad if your ammonium persulfate and / or TEMED are old. The
symptoms would be slow polymerization and / or a bumpy, jagged surface. A
quick test would be to prepare a gel doubling the amount of AP or TEMED and
see if you get better gels.

> From: Michael Witty <mw132 at>
> To: methods at
> Subject: PEG
> Date: Friday, November 24, 2000 3:21 AM
> I have had the misfortune of having my PAGE gels go bad, presumably due
> a new water supply which we think is contaminated with PEG
> BUT, PEG has no charge (does it?) so how does it make my gels go bad?
> Mike.


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