Oxygen in cell media

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> We want to increase the protein yield of our insect cell culture.
> Therefore we want to oxygenate the culture.
>  Who knows what kind of air-bubbles are the best ?

Years ago I have tried that, using a simple airstone from an aquarium
shop (the ceramic ones survive autoclaving quite well). The cells grow
fine, but there is a high chance that a bug slips through the filter
over the course of a week, so the whole thing was more trouble than it
was worth.

If you are shaking your cells anyway, you may not have to bubble your
gas through the cell suspension, just passing air through one tube into
the bottles air space and out through another one may suffice (I used
the bubbles also for agitation). This will not solve the sterility
problem, but simplify the mechanics. It might be possible to pass the
air through a whole battery of flasks, one linked after the other.

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