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> Hi
> We need to express a eukaryotic (plant) gene in bacteria with the aim
> produce antibodies to the protein. Initial attempts (using the
Novagen pET
> 14b vector) were unsuccessful.

You may want to consider other Novagen vectors and/or strains. Some of
the pET vectors now carry lacI which will reduce expression under
uninduced conditions. Some BL21 derivatives are engineered to allow
fine-tuning of expression levels, so as not to get an all or nothing
response (Tuner strains). Others contain the pLys plasmid(s), also
reducing unwanted expression of toxic proteins. I would suggest to
consult their web page. They also have some info on using T7-RNA pol.
coming from a phage, rather than being on the chromosome.

Good luck,

We expect that our protein might be toxic.
> Can anybody recommend a good prokaryotic system to express this
> Thanks
> Johan Burger

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