Purified IgG on SDS-PAGE

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> I 've recently run some antibodies (monoclonal) purified from tissue
> culture supernatant on a reducing SDS-PAGE gel (Novex) and stained by
> colloidal blue. On the heavy chain band, I notice that instead of one
> band, I have two very close bands, with the larger one fainter than the
> smaller one. The light chain, on the other hand, is one fine band.
> Has anyone come across this? The source of my monoclonal was purified by
> protein A chromatography. Does the concentration I load onto the gels give
> this effect? What other possibilities are there?
> Thanks for any input.

The most likely explanation is heterogeneity in glycosylation of the heavy
chain. There is a conserved N-linked glycosylation site at Asn 297 in the
CH2 domain of IgG. In addition there is the possibility of V-region
glycosylation sites.

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