liquid or semidry western blotting?

Marcello Sforvo Sforvo at
Tue Oct 3 02:05:19 EST 2000

Hi netters,

after a couple of years  of happy use a of a semidry  system for blotting (fast, little buffer needed..) in my new lab I've got available only a liquid blotting apparatus (4 liters of buffer -Towbin - to be made each time for a mini gel..). This liquid blotting is apparently very tedious and time consuming, although at high intensity field you should be able to run it in few hours (indeed I tried once, and got all of my colored markers past the PVDF membrane in the 3MM paper; on the other hand, when run at low field overnight, I got 80 % of my colored markers still on the gel)

My final question is: would it be worthwhile buying a semidry blotting apparatus? is there around people thinking liquid blotting is superior (when set up properly)? or should I insist with the Boss to get a semidry sisystem?

many thanks for any hints (please reply on this board)

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