liquid or semidry western blotting?

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>> Now, as for the huge buffer tank, I've been using an old Hoeffer set up,
>> which I think in theory should hold 5 l of buffer.  I've been making 4
>> liters (1X tris-glycine, 20 % MeOH) and reusing it 4 times.  Reusing it
>> doesn't seem to be a problem.  I just put it in a jug and put it in the
>> cold room.
>Can't you place something in the tank to displace some volume?  If one
>blots in the cold room, then cooling should not be affected.

I'd thought of that, but I'll confess to not understanding the physics of a
blotting tank's electric field very well.  If you start placing non
conducting objects in the buffer tank, how much will that mess up the
uniformity of the electric field?  Obviously at some level it doesn't
matter, after all, the blots themselves are sandwiched in a sort of plastic
grid, but, what about when you start putting bigger objects in?  Anybody


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