liquid or semidry western blotting?

Susanne Rohrer "srohrer(removethis)" at
Wed Oct 4 07:17:07 EST 2000

"Richard P. Grant" wrote:

> I
> Not thought of that - but IIRC the BioRad kit has the electrodes on the
> walls, and the ice'cube' inbetween either electrode and the sandwich.
> I'd be terribly surprised if it made a noticeable difference.  That's my
> gut instinct.

The BioRad apparatus has the membrane sandwiches inside a plastic thingy where
the electrode wires are, and the ice compartment outside of that. But since
the sandwiches are clamped inside a plastic grid with holes in it, apparently
there is also somehing "in the way" of the current (bad physics here, I know)
so it shouldn't matter. How about putting in some glass marbles?

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