Slawomir Dabrowski 18-22 slawek at
Thu Oct 5 04:47:11 EST 2000

Try various Mg2+ and polymerase conc. Pfu DNA polymerase has
1/2 procesivity of Taq DNA polymerase. Try extend twice time of
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Slawek Dabrowski
On Thu, 5 Oct 2000, Ali El-Salanti wrote:

> Hello.
> I am having trouble with my Pfu polymerase. Template is genomic DNA and the
> size of the product should be 2 and 3 kb. With the Taq polymerase I have no
> problem amplifying the sequence, also when I try smaller bits (like 500 bp)
> I do get a product with Pfu. But I can not Pfu amplify the large sequnces.
> Maybe it should be noted that the template i 80 % AT.


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