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>> Hi there,
>>         I was wondering if anybody could help, I am trying to grind up
>> samples such as corn etc. to the consistency of flour. But a pestle and
>> mortar introduces to much contamination and needs to be sterilised after
>> every use. I saw somewhere a homogeniser that uses glass beads in an
>> eppendorf tube and grinds up samples to a fine consistency. If anybody
>> else has any information about this I would be grateful to hear from
>> you. 
>> Thanks, Alisha
>Hi Alisha.
>You may be interested in the beads that are used by the RiboLyser from
>Hybaid (same machine as the Bio101.). 

Too expensive for the few uses we need it for. I was sure that I had
seen an inexpensive one that you basically put a single eppendorf in
with glass beads and shake vigorously. If not it looks like the home
workshop again this weekend!

>Anyway enough of the cheek :-) I'm assuming you want to extract nucleic
>accids or protein and want a completely disrupted cell wall?

That's right.

>PS Genesys? Maybe Duncan can help.

I basically forced our new sandwich student to post here, as I was
stuck, as a means of encouraging her to make use of this superb

>Bob; Calypso User from Sunny Scotland. Very Sunny :-)

Cloudy and miserable South of England.


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