removal of iron from mdedia?

Michael L. Sullivan mlsulliv at
Thu Oct 5 10:16:34 EST 2000

Many moons ago, I was in a lab where we wanted to remove Ca2+ from LB.  We
ended up using Chelex resin from Bio-Rad (no affiliation).  It worked quite
well as I recall, as our supposed Ca- effect disappeard after media
treatment with the resin, and reappeared with added Ca2+.  I think also
that the boss had sent a sample of treated media to a chem lab for analysis
and it had been fairly well depleted.  Not sure of the range of metals that
might be bound by this resin, though.  Hope this helps.


>I would like to prepare iron-depleted LB media. Does anyone know how to
>do this? Initially I was going to simply add the specific iron-chelator
>deferoxamine which should remove free iron. However, someone pointed out
>that, being based on a bacterial siderophore, the bugs might be able to
>take up the chelated iron. Is there any form of column support coupled to
>this chelator through which I might be able to pass the medium?
>Thanks for any help

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