posting but bounce from unknown user

Robert Hartley rh at
Thu Oct 5 10:19:19 EST 2000

In article <rpg14-24F9D4.15180505102000 at>, "Richard P.
Grant" <rpg14 at> wrote:

> Rob,
> You should get MT-Newswatcher for proper threading.  You should be able 
> to find it at

Thanks Richard.

I'll do that right now.
I normally use RISC OS at home with Messenger Pro from
which I think is the best mail/news reader I have seen. Not for PC or Mac. :-(

> Second, the bounces you get are *probably* because of a bad user on the 
> news->email gateway that is in effect for the bionet.* hierarchy.

OK I'll get it seen to.

PS passed on the Bacteria info.

Bob; Sunny Scotland

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