removal of iron from mdedia?

Arnoud van Vliet avvliet at
Thu Oct 5 13:40:23 EST 2000

Hi Colin,

it all depends on the bacterium you are working with. If it's E. coli or
Salmonella, most people use 2'2'-dipyridyl at 200 uM. For Pseudomonas it is
used at 600 uM, I think. It chelates Fe(II), and goes inside cells, is what
I remember.
Deferoxamine can be used with E. coli, but not with Salmonella which can
utilize it as iron source.
An alterative is also EDDHA at 50 uM, but that is not as iron-specific, as
it also chelates other ions.
Some people treat their broth with Chelex-100, but then you have to add back
most other ions except the iron.

Email me with the bug you're working with, and I'll try to help you

hope this helps

"Colin Dolphin" <colin.dolphin at> wrote in message
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> I would like to prepare iron-depleted LB media. Does anyone know how to
> do this? Initially I was going to simply add the specific iron-chelator
> deferoxamine which should remove free iron. However, someone pointed out
> that, being based on a bacterial siderophore, the bugs might be able to
> take up the chelated iron. Is there any form of column support coupled to
> this chelator through which I might be able to pass the medium?
> Thanks for any help
> Colin

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