removal of iron from mdedia?

chmc chmc at
Thu Oct 5 15:52:46 EST 2000

"Michael L. Sullivan" wrote:

> Many moons ago, I was in a lab where we wanted to remove Ca2+ from LB.  We
> ended up using Chelex resin from Bio-Rad (no affiliation).  It worked quite
> well as I recall, as our supposed Ca- effect disappeard after media
> treatment with the resin, and reappeared with added Ca2+.  I think also
> that the boss had sent a sample of treated media to a chem lab for analysis
> and it had been fairly well depleted.  Not sure of the range of metals that
> might be bound by this resin, though.  Hope this helps.
> Mike
> >I would like to prepare iron-depleted LB media. Does anyone know how to
> >do this? Initially I was going to simply add the specific iron-chelator
> >deferoxamine which should remove free iron. However, someone pointed out
> >that, being based on a bacterial siderophore, the bugs might be able to
> >take up the chelated iron. Is there any form of column support coupled to
> >this chelator through which I might be able to pass the medium?
> >
> >Thanks for any help
> >
> >Colin

We use Chelex for Iron.  You will probably want to add back Magnesium, as it
will take that out as well and make your bacteria unhappy.  I've used 400 uM
Magnesium Sulfate with success before.

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