stable peroxide solution for ECL?

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Lars, the key is to buffer the solution. Commercial preps normallyx 
are stabilized with phosphate buffer (you may have a look on your 30% 

Mix 100ul H2O2 (30%) per liter in 0,1M TrisHCL pH 9,35. This
should be stable for month if kept in a non translucent plastic 
bottle in the fridge (we use for convenience empty Amersham ECL kit 
bottles ;-) and add some 10 ul H2O2 evrey few month to regenerate.

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> I would like to make a reasonably stable peroxide solution to be
> used in enhanced chemiluminescence (ECL) experiments (to be stored
> in the refrigerator for, hopefully, months). As I understand urea
> peroxide should be a rather stable compound, but in what buffer
> should I dissolve it in order to keep it stable (ie, which pH is
> suitable?) Grateful for suggestions and comments. Lars
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