A genetic mapping conundrum

James Campanell campanellj at mail.montclair.edu
Fri Oct 6 08:40:09 EST 2000

Dear Netheads,

I have a rather naive question dealing with genetic mapping. I am in the
process of mapping a gene by use of analysis of polymorphic DNA differences
in segregants. I did a cross between a wild-type and a mutant of my
organism, and I am now examining the F2's for polymorphic differences. The
analysis is not a problem and I have easily linked the mutant gene to a
chromosome. Here is the question: in my reading of the literature, I came
across one researcher who ONLY analyzed the F2 homozygous recessive mutants
for linkage to the polymorphic DNA markers-- is this a legitimate way of
mapping a gene or should you be analyzing ALL your segregants for linkage?
I guess if you are trying to find out the percentage of the time that
recombination takes place in the homozygous mutant this may make sense, but
my gut tells me that there is a problem with not analyzing the
heterozygote/homozygote dominants for linkage as well.... Any thoughts on
this conundrum?  




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