removal of iron from mdedia?

Arnoud van Vliet avvliet at
Fri Oct 6 17:19:47 EST 2000

Another (defined) medium one can try is the tissue culture medium MEM alpha.
That doesn't have an added iron source.

We have used it successfully in our studies on iron-regulation in the
Gram-negative bacterial pathogen Campylobacter jejuni
- Van Vliet et al (1998) J. Bacteriol. 180, 5291-5298
- Baillon et al (1999) J. Bacteriol. 181, 4798-4804

hope this helps,

"Emir Khatipov" <ekhatipo at> wrote in message
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> Is it possible for your experiments to use synthetic media, e.g., M9? That
> could be a solution... M9 does not contain Fe at all (only what you
> introduce with the inoculate), just Mg, Ca, NH4, SO4, Pi, and, in case of
> auxotrophic strains, some vitamins and amino acid(s).
> Emir
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> > I would like to prepare iron-depleted LB media. Does anyone know how to

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