How could I extract Total RNA from animal tissue using TRIzol regents?

J. Hendriks jaco.hendriks at
Sat Oct 7 03:22:20 EST 2000

We have done a lot of total RNA extractions out of mouse tissue. We used
Tripure (Roche diagnostics) but it's the same as the stuff you used. Our
procedure is like this:
- tissue directly in liquid nitrogen
- weight messurement without thawing the tissue
- grind the tissue with the "thurax" in Tripure and use the protocol of the
firm. (1 ml Tripure for each 50 mg tissue?)

Hope this works also for you.
If you need more information, please mail me.

Good luck

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> Hi, everyone...
> I am trying to extract Total RNA from animal tissues using TRIzol regent
> (Life Technologies). It gave me some problems. Whenever I did this
> experiment, Total RNA was degraded by unknown reasones. I couln't get
> the
> accurate rate 2:1 (28s and 18s band).
> Does anyone have a tips for Total RNA extraction or have a good
> experience
> from animal tissue? I hope to have a specific protocol for Total RNA
> extraction(not Life technologies's protocol).
> Please help me, if someone can help.
> Have a good day...
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