stable peroxide solution for ECL?

T. Zhang t_zhang at
Sat Oct 7 09:46:54 EST 2000

You can replace the H2O2 with either perborate or urea peroxide. Sigma
sells tablets that have the perborate and the buffer salts so you just
drop one in water. The resulting solutions should be stable for months.

T. Zhang

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  ronnstrand at wrote:
> I would like to make a reasonably stable peroxide solution to be used
> in enhanced chemiluminescence (ECL) experiments (to be stored in the
> refrigerator for, hopefully, months). As I understand urea peroxide
> should be a rather stable compound, but in what buffer should I
> dissolve it in order to keep it stable (ie, which pH is suitable?)
> Grateful for suggestions and comments.
> Lars
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