Administering tons of ascorbic acid

Emir Khatipov ekhatipo at
Mon Oct 9 11:45:03 EST 2000

I know that this post is related to this group only by the subject of
.reagnts, but I was thinking that someone could know the answer to my
question, since this is the most technically knowledgeable newsgroup.

I read a post recently at that some cancers can be
successfully treated by administering huge amounts of ascorbic acid
perorally or intravenously, something like 20 to 40 grams at once like twice
a week or so. The post looked to be a commercial message, so I did not get
response to my question.

My question is whether someone knows in what form such huge amounts of the
acid are administered - as pure acid, or neutralized first. If not
neutralized, then what are the aftermaths of such treatment - big holes in
the stomach and clogged veins?


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