blocking transcription in eukariotic cells : how to ?

Florent.Crepineau crepinau at
Tue Oct 10 09:21:25 EST 2000

Dear all,                                                             
We have this cell which is active during its differenciation probably 
through a protein present at its surface. I would like to block       
transcription in this cell to determine the exact time at which the   
protein is transcribed.                                               
If the transcription is blocked and the cell is still active that     
means that the protein was already present. I am conscious that       
blocking transcription might stop the differenciation and thus        
eventhough the protein might be present and stocked somewhere it won't
be exported to the cell surface.                                      
What chemical would you recomand ?                                    
Thank you for reading my message.                                     
Sincerely yours                                                       
Florent Crépineau                                                     


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