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Tue Oct 10 15:36:37 EST 2000


I'm not sure about the potential EC ban or the reasons behind it but I
did try to buy some Cycloheximide last month and had a lot of
difficulty. SIGMA, Roche and Bohringer were either out of stock or had
discontinued the product. Someone (I think SIGMA) told me there was a
worldwide shortage as it had stopped being manufactured.

Anyway, I managed to get my hands on some from Calbiochem, which is now
stockpiled in the lab.... hopefully it won't get seized by the Eurocrats!!

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Edyta Halupecki wrote:
> First thanks for suggestions;
> Concerning  EC banishing of Cycl. this has not yet been formalized, indeed.
> although  from our sources we have  good reasons to believe that this will
> be actually the case in the near future  .
> Edyta
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