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Simon Plyte Simon.Plyte at eu.pnu.com
Wed Oct 11 07:13:02 EST 2000

     Pharmacia Corporation, Milan, Italy  is  seeking talented people to 
     join our research groups in a multidisciplinary and highly interactive 
     environment. Pharmacia Corporation is a global company with global 
     ambitions. We offer competitive salaries, benefits and global career 
     opportunities limited only by your skill, creativity and performance.  
     If you are interested in any of the positions described, please send a 
     CV to Dr. Antonella Isacchi
     Phone 0248383791 Email Antonella.Isacchi at eu.pnu.com or Dr Simon Plyte 
     simon.plyte at eu.pnu.com
     Open positions list - Biology Department 
     Protein Chemist/Mass Spectrometrist
     The candidate will be responsible for a Protein Chemistry Unit of 4-5 
     scientists focused on the analytical characterization of recombinant 
     proteins to be used  for x-ray crystallographic and NMR studies.  
     These efforts involve domain mapping by limited proteolysis, N- and C- 
     terminal sequence analysis, and the mapping of phosphorylation and 
     other post-translational modifications  by LCMS and MALDI-TOF 
     approaches. The candidate will also be responsible for further 
     development  and implementation of instrumentation (MS\MS), and its 
     applications in conjunction with 2D gels to the identification of the  
     in vivo substrates of target proteins.
     The ideal candidate will have a PhD and 5+ years of experience in 
     protein mass spectroscopy and  other protein chemistry approaches.  
     Previous experience in the analysis of in vivo protein-protein 
     interactions will be highly regarded
     Biochemist/Molecular Biologist (2 positions).
     The candidates will be responsible for the biochemical 
     characterization of novel molecular targets in Oncology. The 
     candidates should have a Ph.D. (or equivalent), a strong background in 
     Biochemistry and Molecular Biology and have experience in the cloning, 
     expression, purification and biochemical characterization of protein 
     kinases and their substrates.  Further, the candidates should ideally 
     have experience in kinase assays and enzymology.
     Biochemists/Mol. Biologists (2 positions)
     The candidates will work in a group dedicated to production and 
     characterization of proteins for x-ray crystallographic and NMR 
     studies.  The positions require expertise in domain mapping and design 
     of constructs suitable for structural studies, cloning and expression 
     of proteins in bacteria, insect and yeast systems and medium-large 
     scale fermentation and  purification technologies.  The successful 
     candidates will possess a PhD (or equivalent) in 
     Biochemistry/Molecular Biology with 3-5 years of postdoctoral 
     experience in purification, characterization and crystallization of 
     proteins. Experience in the production of selenomethionine/isotope 
     labelled proteins and biochemical approaches to the analysis of 
     protein phosphorylation is a plus.
     The candidate will be responsible for the application of biophysical 
     approaches to enzymatic assays and protein-protein interaction 
     studies.  The successful candidate will have a PhD in Biophysics and 
     3+ years of experience in the Biochemical field.  The position 
     requires a strong theoretical background in fluorescence and previous 
     experience of its applications such as FRET, fluorescence polarization 
     and time-resolved fluorescence. Protein chemistry knowledge applied to 
     the labelling of proteins for fluorescence studies is also desirable. 
     Knowledge of microcalorimetry applied to protein-protein and 
     protein-ligand interactions is a plus.


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