blocking transcription in eukariotic cells : how to ?

Matt Thomas mthomas at
Wed Oct 11 13:43:10 EST 2000

> Dear all,        
> We have this cell which is active during its differenciation probably
> through a protein present at its surface. I would like to block
> transcription in this cell to determine the exact time at which the
> protein is transcribed.
> If the transcription is blocked and the cell is still active that
> means that the protein was already present. I am conscious that
> blocking transcription might stop the differenciation and thus
> eventhough the protein might be present and stocked somewhere it won't
> be exported to the cell surface.
> What chemical would you recomand ?

I would go with alpha-amanatin.  I know it works really well in vitro and I
suspect it is fine with cells.  When I was in graduate school a person in
the worm lab down the hall wanted to do something similar and I suggested
alpha-amanatin or (damn, can't remember the name, something you typically
put into primer extenshion reactions, actino-myosinD ?).  She did this just
as I was leaving but when I came back to visit a few months later she said
it worked but didn't go into details.  sorry I can't remember more but might
give you a place to start.  I belive Sigma sells both drugs.

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