RecA- Codon-plus cells

Emir Khatipov ekhatipo at
Thu Oct 12 11:58:29 EST 2000

I am expressing a 6His eukaryotic RecA ortholog in E.coli and get very low
expression levels in BLR/pLysS cells (T7 system). One of the reasons for bad
expression could be the low codon specificity of E.coli to eukaryotic
codons. Stratagene has BL21 cells, which are RecA+,  expressing extra tRNAs
for Arg, Pro, Ile that could be used for heterologous expression... but not
in my case, because I need a RecA- strain.

Does anybody know if I could get codon plus RecA- strains from somewhere.
Maybe someone did his own BLR from the Stratagene's strains and could share
a slant?


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