Old question: Tm calculation

Kjeld Olesen acaclone at hotmail.com
Fri Oct 13 04:33:34 EST 2000


The DNA analysis freeware software pDRAW32 comes with an helperapplication
called Tm-Calculator (or Olicalc.exe) which will calculate the Tm of
oligonucleotides (nearest neigbour, GC as well as 2+4 rule methods) and also
calculate optimum PCR temperature.

pDRAW32 as well as Tm-Calculator can be downloaded from

http://www.geocities.com/acaclone or

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QIU Guo Hua wrote in message <39E68691.14AC6F29 at mailhost.jhs.com.sg>...
>I have 2 primers nearly 40 bp, and I know the (4+2) rule is not suit for
>them. How can I estimate the Tm of these primers? Thanks.

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