Isolating Osteoblasts or Osteoclasts from bone

Dr. Jia's Lab andrew at
Mon Oct 16 16:32:40 EST 2000


I am looking for a protocol that would allow me to isolate both mature
osteoblasts and osteoclasts from mice bone (not the marrow).

I need to avoid cell culture altogether.

I've heard something about mincing up the bone (from which marrow has
been removed), treating it with collagenase to release cells, and then
using density gradient centrifugation on percoll gradients.  Does
anybody have any information on a more specific protocol, and the kinds
of results I might expect to get.

Additionally, has anyone used any other methods like Magnetic beads to
increase the purity?

Please email your responses to:

chris at

Thanks in advance,

Chris Hosfield
Queen's University
Kingston, ON

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