2D electrophoresis forum ???

Warren Gallin wgallin at gpu.srv.ualberta.ca
Mon Oct 16 17:56:32 EST 2000

	The original request was for a discussion group that includes
discussion of 2D gel electrophoresis.  On the abrf web site is a
discussion forum.  If you go into that forum and look for threads with
P2D in the title you will find various discussions of solving problems
about 2D electrophoresis.

	As for the irreproducibility, that is a technical problem that can be
worked out.  If you choose not to, no problem.  However perhaps it would
be best not to hold that up as the final statement on the usefulness of
the technique.  It's certainly not a universally held view.

clarosa wrote:
> I have just reviewed www.abrf.org, a site that one commenter claims discusses the
> supposed merits of 2-d electrophoresis... The technique is ommitted from the web
> site for the obvious reason, 2-d is not reproducable from lab to lab which
> restricts its usefulness.
> clarosa wrote:
> > The need for specialized equipment,,  makes this technique of limited interest.
> > I used to do 2 d  but now I would suggest that it is far too expensive , except
> > for only an handful of labs world wide.. Let those labs make web sites and
> > databases.. they will only be use by the rich.

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